3M 9460, 9469, 9473 Double-sided VHB transfer tapes

  • Adhésif double face transfert VHB 3M 9473




  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Resistance to solvents
  • Liner printed with 3M in green, can be torn by hand

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : 9473 et 9469 : up to 1,220 mm, 9460 : jusque 610 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

What are the characteristics of 3M 9460 ?

Double-sided transfer tapes 3M 9460, 9469 and 9473 belong to the VHB acrylic foam range of the manufacturer 3M. They combine performance linked to transfer tape and VHB.

They have several properties and benefits :

  • they are clear but with a paper liner printed with 3M that makes them easily recognisable.
  • they are viscoelastic and have strong cohesion, which makes them particularly suitable for the assembly of substrates with very different thermal expansion coefficients (bonding metal surfaces on glass, for example.
  • they were designed for use at high temperatures (up to 260°C short-term) and where high shear strength is necessary.
  • A10 acrylic glue has strong bonding on high surface energy surfaces such as metal, thermoplastic polyester (PET) and polycarbonate (PC).

The 9473 reference, which is the thickest of the three (thickness of 250 µm), is used for clear plastics and for metal stiffeners before painting and oven firing. The 9469 reference is similar but thinner : it is used on plastic materials and thin metals.

They respect the UL746C standard.

Here are some possible applications :

  • Fixing protective stainless steel plates on aircraft landing flaps.
  • In metal furniture because it reduces assembly time and guarantees an aesthetic final product by avoiding the use of screws that can corrode and make noise.
  • Used for signage  

Typical properties

Colour Clear with a brown liner printed with the 3M green brand

9460 : 0.05 mm

9469 : 0.13 mm

9473 : 0.25 mm

Length 55 meters
Backing material No backing material
Type of adhesive Acrylic A10
Temperature resistance 150°C continuously, 260°C peak temperature
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths

9460 : Up to 610 mm

9469 and 9473 : Up to 1,220 mm