EPX glue gun 3M

  • EPX glue guns 3M for two-component adhesives
  • Manual or pneumatic EPX 3M
  • Manual EPX glue gun 3M
  • For an optimal mix
  • Ergonomic and robust
  • Manual or pneumatic
  • Several plungers available 1/1, 1/2  and 1/10

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Description of the EPX gun

EPX guns for two-component adhesives offer an exact and optimal mix of the two components of a glue.

EPX means "Exact Proportioning Mixer" and it was developed by the company 3M. This gun is a reliable and industrial alternative to manually mixed two-component adhesives. It is used with adapted double-body cartridges and with an adapted mixing nozzle and plunger. 

The shape of the cartridge and the plunger ensure the mixing of the two components (Base and Accelerator) in 1/1 (one for one), 1/2 or 1/10 proportions.

Somes tips for making the right choice ? 

  • For intensive use, a pneumatic gun in 265 ml or 400 ml is the moste suitable.
  • Please note that two-components adhesives requires appropriate mixing, therefore the use of an adequate mixing nozzle is essential.
  • EPX guns come with a standard plunger. In the case of an adhesive that requires 1/10 mixing, consider using the appropriate plunger.

Some examples of applications of the EPX glue gun ?

  • Implementation of two-component Epoxy adhesive with 3M EPX glue gun for 50ml cartridges of epoxy or acrylic glue.
  • Mixing and extruding 400 ml two-component Acrylic glue with EPX pneumatic or manual gun for 400 ml cartridges.