Surface protection with adhesive film

  • Surface protection with adhesive film for aluminium or inox surfaces
  • Clear surface protection adhesive film roll
  • Removal without adhesive residue
  • Adhesive film that is easy to apply
  • Protects against scratches and shocks
  • UV resistant

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Applications of surface protection adhesive films

Surface protection is a varied and common application for avoiding shocks and scratches on products so that they will not get damaged. The adhesive tape is usually sold in a large width and is most frequently referred to as surface protection adhesive film.


Surface protection tapes can be split into two main categories :


1. Temporary surface protection

The most common application is the temporary protection of a product from the manufacturing and processing of the product to its implementation or delivery. The purpose of the film is to protect the surface against potential shocks, scratches, dust, dirt or other damage.


The film range is quite varied and can be defined by 4 main characteristics :

  • The type of material : Depending on the material to be protected (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, Co-extruded PE, Special UV film)
  • The thickness of the material : from 30 µm m to more than 200 µm
  • Adhesion strength : between 0.5 and 1.2 N/cm for an optimal bonding and easy removal
  • Colour of film : white, clear, green, blue, red custom printed...


Depending on your application, the rolls can be applied manually (roll of 33 to 100 metres) or by machine (500 to 2,000 metres long).

2. Definitive surface protection 


The second application is final surface protection. There are many adhesive solutions for that :


Target markets and applications

  • Protection of metals : Protection during laser cutting, UV protection of painted metals
  • Electronic : protection of screens...
  • Plastic : Protection of PVC profiles for window manufacturing...
  • Construction : Protection of aluminium profiles...
  • Automobile : Car protection during transport, optical protection...