Aerosol adhesive

  • The 6 references of aerosol adhesive 3M
  • Aerosol adhesive 3M
  • Example of application : spraying of adhesive on paper
  • Controlled and precise spraying
  • Ease of application
  • Permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive 

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Product description

Aerosol adhesives are specifically designed for industrial applications. They can help you save on the cost of equipment for application and save time during the application. It is a handy product (available in 250, 400 and 500 ml) that is easy to use and protected (it doesn’t drip, doesn’t spill).


2 different categories of adhesive are available :

  • Permanent aerosol adhesives- Lace or particle spray
  • Repositionable aerosol adhesives – particle spray


Depending on your application, we offer a wide range with several possibilities, like clear adhesive, fast adhesion and uniform application…

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Some tips for choosing your aerosol adhesive ? 

  • For better application accuracy, the spray width is adjustable with 3M 77 aerosol adhesive
  • Pour the bonding of foams, use the aerosol adhesive 3M 74
  • After each use, don’t forget to purge your aerosol to increase your product’s lifetime

Some examples of applications of aerosol adhesive ?

  • Gluing pictures
  • Creation and bonding of polystyrene prototypes
  • Assembly of films and decorative fabric
  • Bonding decorative laminated pictures on tables, wardrobes and shelves

Some references of aerosol adhesive ?

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