Adezif Normandie

The company ADEZIF is 3 adhesive tape conversion sites in Lille, Paris and le Havre.

Present in le Havre for more than 50 years, the company CARTHA was bought by the company ADEZIF in 2012 to create Adezif Cartha, and then, Adezif Normandie.

Therefore we offer a complete packaging range (scotch tape, cardboard boxes and film). Since 2013, we have been the only company in Normandy that has a die-cutting machine to offer you custom widths for small or large quantities (cut from parent reel).

We now delivery to all Seine Maritime (76), l'Eure (27), Calvados (14) and we can answer all your requests about technical adhesive tape. We distribute the brands 3M, TESA, SIKA, VELCRO .... and we can offer you free expert assessment about these brands throughout Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy for industry.

Adezif Normandie is represented by the reactivity of an efficient team. We offer solutions tailored to your needs, as well as the great technical nature of our products, in order to be closer to your requirements and industrial demands. 

A permanent stock of adhesive for packaging, assembly or protection and also cardboard boxes and PE film.

A die-cutting machine for converting adhesives in order to deliver the same day for specific dimensions.

More than 1,000 references in stock in Le Havre :

  • Double-sided non woven tape, double-sided polyester tape, transfer tape, single sided paper tape, single sided cloth tape, Velcro adhesive, aluminium adhesive
  • Single flute, double flute, triple flute cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap, Plastic wrap, masking tape, glue dots, magnetic adhesive, manufacturing of personalized printed adhesive.
  • Kraft adhesive, double-sided adhesive, scotch, VHB, foam for final or removable assembly on wood, metal, PVC and plastic, rubber, etc.

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Adezif Normandie

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76600 - Le Havre

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