Preformed butyl sealant for water tightness

  • Roll of Preformed butyl sealant 1 strip 3M 5313
  • Roll of Preformed butyl sealant with a lamination of aluminium
  • Roll of Preformed butyl sealant 1 strip adezif 303
  • Roll of Preformed butyl sealant 1 strip adezif 350
  • Excellent resistance over time
  • Presentation in a roll for application by hand
  • Strong bonding power
  • Very conformable

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Product description

Butyl sealants are mainly used for water tightness applications. They come in rolls and can be applied easily by hand, without specific material for the application. Butyl sealant rolls come in a wide variety of shapes, depending on the targeted application: in strips of different diameters, in strips of rectangular sections, coated with an aluminium or PE film for single sided applications…


The products in this family have strong bonding power and excellent resistance over time. It is an ideal product for bonding porous material whose surface state can’t be guaranteed: sealing an existing roof, bonding tarpaulins…


Here are the main advantages :

  • Solvent-free product
  • Permanent plasticity – no formation of skin
  • Extruded rolls available in several dimensions and several shapes
  • Application without specific tool like an adhesive tape
  • Good resistance over time

Some tips for choosing ? 

  • For applications in high temperatures, use a specific reference that can resist going in a sterilizer.
  • Butyl sealants are mainly extruded products and therefore available in all dimensions : thickness, width and shape to adapt to your assembly.
  • It is possible to manufacture rolls with several butyl strands for faster installation for some applications, reference 3M 5313, for example.

Some examples of applications of preformed butyle sealant ?

  • Sealing opening elements in RVs and caravans
  • Sealing stranded cable conductors
  • Sealing window exteriors
  • Sealing between frame and sub-frame in traditional carpentry