Epoxy and acrylic adhesive

  • EPX gun for two-component epoxy adhesive
  • two-component acrylic adhesive 3m 804
  • Scotchweld adhesive from 3M
  • Golf club bonding with a epoxy glue two component
  • Single or Two-component adhesive for structural bonding
  • Good temperature resistance performance
  • Excellent durability and environmental resistance
  • Rigid, flexible or tenacious

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Product description

Two-component or single component epoxy adhesives are known for their excellent mechanical performance and their environmental resistance. They are used for bonding metal, alloys, composites, ceramic, glass and high surface energy surfaces. They are a high-end solution for doing structural bonding, particularly for metal and composites.

Some tips for choosing your epoxy adhesive ? 

  • To be sure to respect the mixing ratio of two-component adhesives, use an EPX gun with a suitable piston and mixing nozzle.
  • To reduce work time and improve productivity, use two-component epoxy adhesive.
  • For an assembly with temperature constraints, try 3M DP 490 high temperature adhesive.
  • For an assembly with low surface energy plastic or clear material, use acrylic adhesive.

Some examples of applications of epoxy adhesive ?

  • Bonding brass trim on glass
  • Bonding joints on stainless steel on plate heat exchanger (chemical and high temperature resistance)
  • Fixing aluminium foundry parts on aluminium profiles
  • Bonding plastic displays in the POS sector