Automatic tape dispenser

  • M1000 and RT 7000 automatic tape dispenser
  • automatic double-sided foam scotch tape dispenser RT7000
  • Custom programmable length
  • Automatic cutting of a new trip
  • Compatible with all types of tape : 3M scotch, Tesa....
  • Sturdy apparatus, guaranteed 6 months
  • Maintenance and repair, spare parts

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General Description of automatic dispenser range

Two key products exist in the automatic dispenser range :

  • The M 1000 automatic dispenser


The most popular and widespread product among manufacturers and professionals with intensive use of automatic dispensers. There are two operating modes : semi-automatic cut (you push on a button to release an adhesive strip) and automatic cut (as soon as you remove the cut adhesive strip, another is automatically cut by electronic photocell detection). The length of tape is adjusted on a digital screen, with cut tape lengths from 20 mm long. The maximum possible width is 50 mm.


Here is a demonstration video with 3M single sided scotch tape :



  • The RT 7000 automatic dispenser 

​The RT7000 is a more complete version. It allows for the use of rolls with a wider diameter (like double-sided foam tape with a maximum diameter of 300 mm) or whatever the interior diameter of the core of your roll, thereby allowing you to use non-adhesive rolls. It is possible to pre-programme with several lengths (up to 6) and to put 2 front rolls that can work simultaneously to increase productivity. Thus it is possible to have two people work on the same machine. The output speed is 200 mm/second and the accepted width is between 6 and 60 mm.


Here is a video to demonstrate the possibilities of the electronic dispenser and how to use it :


Some tips for choosing automatic tape dispensers

  • For the maintenance of your dispenser, do note use a cutter to clean the adhesive residue as it may damage the silicone rollers.
  • When putting double-sided tape into the M1000, remove the blade to make it easier to install the tape.

Some examples of applications 

  • Cutting double-sided tape for POS cardboard
  • Cutting single sided tape for colour-coding
  • Cutting repositionable tape for sticking samples