Cleaner - Degreaser – Wipes

  • cleaner bottle sika
  • cleaner degreaser bottle sika 205
  • Impregnated Cleaner wipes 3M
  • cleaner degreaser 3m aerosol 500 ml
  • individual Impregnated Cleaner wipes 3M
  • individual Impregnated Cleaner wipes ADEZIF
  • 3M VHB Degreasers For degreasing before applying 3M VHB tape
  • Optimise bonding performance
  • Optimal preparation of surfaces
  • Eliminates grease, oil and adhesive residue
  • Available in aerosols, wipes, bottles

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Description of cleaner and degreaser for industry

Cleaners and degreasers are used to optimise the state of the surface to bond. They eliminate foreign bodies, remove adhesive deposits and thus ensure optimal bonding. Cleaners and degreasers are mainly used in the form of aerosols and impregnated wipes but are also available in containers for intensive use.  

Some tips for choosing your cleaner degreaser ? 

  • For degreasing before applying 3M VHB tape, use the appropriate reference of 3M VHB Degreasers.
  • For use of a degreaser in a container, apply the product with a lint-free cloth, always rubbing in the same direction (not back and forth).
  • 3M degreaser aerosol "cleaner " dissolves traces of glue and cleans adhesive residue. It is available in 500 ml or 200 ml aerosol cans.
  • Remember to check the compatibility of your material with the cleaners and degreasers used in all cases.
  • Impregnated degreaser wipes are the ideal solution for putting in a kit.

Some examples of applications of cleaners and degreasers ?

  • Surface preparation before applying 3M VHB tape.
  • Cleaning adhesive residue on flat surfaces such as glass, plastic…
  • Degreasing steel sheets after cutting.

Some references of cleaners and degreasers ?

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