Single sided aluminium tape

  • Application of a Single sided aluminium tape : high temperature splicing
  • Application of single sided aluminium tape 3M 425
  • Rouleau aluminium mat TESA 50577
  • single sided aluminium tape 3M 425
  • Excellent thermal conduction
  • Good temperature resistance (up to 316°C)
  • Good conformability
  • Resistance to chemical aggressions

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General description of aluminium adhesive 

         Single sided aluminium adhesive tape is a technical adhesive product used mainly for surface protection during electroplating and for insulation. ADEZIF offers a wide range of aluminium adhesive tapes: different thicknesses, laminated aluminium on butyl, laminated aluminium on glass cloth, reinforced aluminium… Aluminium adhesive rolls are available with several different types of adhesive. For example, a silicone adhesive is more suitable for heat resistance.

For all applications, the main references have aluminium backing material with rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Among our products we have economical references but also technical products developed by our manufacturers that offer :

  • Very strong, instantaneous and durable adhesion
  • Resistance to fire and flame retardant with M1 ranking
  • Amortisation of sounds and vibrations
  • Water resistant
  • Auto-extinguishable
  • Resistance to shocks and tears with a glass fibre mesh
  • Product resistant to ageing
  • Resistance to high temperatures (higher than 310°C)
  • Custom widths
  • With or without liner
  • Black anti-reflective aluminium
  • PMUC certified aluminium for use in nuclear power plants


The thickness of the product (backing material + adhesive) varies depending on the technical features from 30 µm to 200 µm. We custom die-cut and sell these products in small quantities and also for manufacturers that use a large volume.


Some tips for choosing your aluminium adhesive tape ?

  • For all applications linked to the entertainment industry, black aluminium adhesive tape is matt and does not reflect light.
  • Warning for electroplating treatment, the aluminium tape is not suitable for an acid bath : In that case use 3M lead adhesive tape.
  • To increase productivity, use aluminium tape without a liner.

Some examples of applications of aluminium adhesive tape ?

Some examples of our references of aluminium adhesive tape ?

Matt black aluminium tape – ADEZIF AL 205

ADEZIF AL 205 Matt black aluminium tape

Matt surface, ideal for entertainment professionals
Excellent temperature resistance
Very conformable

3M 425 Scotch high performance aluminium adhesive

3M 425 High performance aluminium adhesive

No liner for fast application
Low flammability - ranked "L"
Temperature and chemical resistant

Economical aluminium adhesive ADEZIF AL251

ADEZIF AL 251 Economical aluminium adhesive

Economical product
High temperature resistance : 90° C
Easy to unwind with its paper liner

TESA 50577 Black anti-reflective adhesive tape

TESA 50577 Black anti-reflective adhesive tape

No reflections – suitable for the entertainment industry
High temperature resistance (up to 160°C)
Hand tearable

Aluminium reinforced tape ADEZIF AL 256

ADEZIF AL 256 Aluminium reinforced tape

Reinforced mesh offers good mechanical resistance
Excellent temperature resistance
Ensures perfect airtightness