Double-sided PVC adhesive tape

  • Double-sided PVC adhesive tape 3M
  • Application of Double-sided PVC adhesive tape tesa
  • Double-sided PVC adhesive tape tesa
  • Good conformability
  • Good resistance to plasticizers and adhesion on PVC
  • Good instant adhesion

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Description of double-sided PVC tape

Double-sided PVC tapes are composed of Polyvinyl chloride backing material and vinyl coated adhesive on both sides.


The main advantages of the PVC material are:

  • Good conformability
  • Resistance to acids
  • Great variety of colours


These products are particularly suitable when bonding substrates with plasticizer migrations such as PVC. They are used in industrial processes where the high frequency cutting and welding are necessary. The main fields where it is used are for POS, communication and the printing industry.

Some examples of applications of double-sided PVC ?

  • Bonding profiles and rubber joints
  • Manufacturing and fixing of moulding and electrical cord covers

Some examples of our references of double-sided PVC?

Double-sided plate mounting tape adezif CI 300

ADEZIF CI 300 – Double-sided plate mounting tape

Ideal for plate mounting
Can be removed without leaving adhesive residue on the cylinders
Even thickness for clean printing

High temperature double-sided PVC tape ADEZIF 4425

ADEZIF 4425 high temperature double-sided PVC tape

Temperature resistance up to 130°C
Excellent bonding on all types of surfaces, including non-polar surfaces
Economical product

TESA 4970 – premium double-sided PVC adhesive tape

TESA 4970 Premium double-sided PVC adhesive tape

Suitable for rough and structured surfaces
Resistant to plasticizers
Suitable in damp places

3M 9087 Double sided PVC tape

3M 9087 Double sided PVC tape

Adhesive tape resistant to plasticizers
Good resistance to external and chemical attacks
Conformable and thick

Thermally conductive double-sided tape

ADEZIF PV 025 Thermally conductive double-sided tape

Heat conductor
Adhesion on various surfaces
Halogen-free tape