Custom die-cutting for adhesive tape

Printing and conversion of adhesive tape in France

The company ADEZIF custom die-cuts your adhesive tape to bespoke in high-volume or low-volume (flat bed or rotary die-cutting).

ADEZIF has 3 production sites in for better serving industrial customers. This allows us to offer our clients great reactivity in the manufacturing of die-cut pieces for technical adhesive tapes. We have a large stock of raw material and parent reels to ensure fast delivery.


Die-cut tapes enable you to save a significant amount of time when applying the adhesive tape and to save money for cuts through slitting.


Here are the different processes we offer :

  • Printing adhesive tape
  • Slitting
  • Spooling
  • Lamination
  • Winding
  • Die-cutting


We offer printing – conversion of adhesive tapes in France.