Dual Lock adhesive tape 3M

  • 3M clear dual lock
  • 3M VHB dual lock
  • 3M dual lock custom-made cut pieces
  • 3M dual lock explanatory system
  • Openable and reclosable system
  • Excellent mechanical resistance 
  • Quick and economical assembly
  • High performance and long lasting adhesion

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Description of 3M Dual lock

Dual lock adhesive tape is a technical product developed by the company 3M for openable and reclosable assembly. Its mushroom shaped stems ensure great resistance against wrenching and shearing. Unlike standard self-gripping adhesive tapes, the 3M dual lock product can bind to itself. It can easily be cut to the desired dimension and can replace conventional mechanical fasteners (screws, rivets…) in many industrial applications. A simple audible "click" ensures that the closure is carried out.


The Dual Lock adhesives are available in 3 different stem densities :

  • Type 400 - 400 stems/inch² or 62 stems/cm²
  • Type 250 - 200 stems/inch² or 39 stems/cm²
  • Type 170 – 170 stems/inch² or 26 stems/cm²

Depending on the chosen density, it is not advisable to, for example, do a type 400 assembly with another type 400. The best performance will be achieved with an assembly of type 250 over 400. Consult us for a technical assessment !


Here are the main benefits of this openable / reclosable system patented by 3M : 

  • Resistance in temperature of -40°C to + 120°C
  • Resistance to plasticizers
  • Vibration absorption and high performance thanks to VHB adhesive
  • Invisible assembly
  • An audible "click" when closing the assembly
  • More than 1,000 openings and closings without an effect on performance
  • Mechanical performance up to 12 times higher than traditional hook and loop fasteners

​Some advice for choosing the best openable / reclosable system ?

  • Choose an acrylic adhesive for applications that require resistance to plasticizers and to temperature
  • For your operation teams, some references exist in dispensers and die-cut pieces
  • The density of the stems chosen allows you to control the mechanical resistance of the assembly

Some examples of applications for 3M Dual Lock ?

  • Creation of colour charts and sample cases
  • Fixing machine-tool housing
  • Mounting ducts and access hatches
  • Attaching removable signage
  • Manufacturing of seats for the aeronautics industry
  • Fixing cushions that must be disinfected regularly
  • Fixing foam in a sample case
  • Fixing electronic material in vehicles (taxis, worksite vehicles...)

Some examples of our references ?

DUAL LOCK 3M SJ 3870 special epoxy powder coating fastener

DUAL LOCK 3M SJ 3870 Special epoxy powder coating fastener

Special for epoxy powder coating
Easy to bond on difficult-to-stick surfaces
Fast and easy assembly

Thin and clear Dual lock adhesive 3M SJ 4570

3M SJ 4570 - Thin and clear Dual lock adhesive

Good adhesion on all surfaces (300LSE adhesive)
Flexible and conformable backing material
Thin and clear backing material

Clear 3M DUAL LOCK SJ 3560

Clear 3M DUAL LOCK SJ 3560

Fastening resistant to flexible vinyl plasticizers
For outdoor applications

Yellow dispensing box dual lock SJ 354 D containing the reference SJ 3540

Dispensing box Dual lock SJ 354D

Sold in a dispenser
For use in an interior environment
Sticky rubber adhesive Boite distributrice

yellow dispensing box DUAL LOCK 3M SJ 354X containing pads of the 3M SJ 3540 pads

Dispensing box DUAL LOCK 3M SJ 354X pads

Dispenser of reference SJ 3540
Square shaped pads
Good adhesion on difficult-to-stick surfaces

Adhesive Dual Lock self-gripping SJ 3550

Adhesive Dual Lock 3M SJ 3550

Created for exterior applications
Resists strong constraints
Good resistance to plasticizers

3M SJ 3540 DUAL LOCK temporary or interior use

3M SJ 3540 DUAL LOCK Temporary or interior use

For interior or temporary use
Invisible and fast assembly
Good adhesion on difficult-to-stick surfaces