• Bundling heavy products
  • Adhesive tape TESA for packaging
  • For packaging light or heavy parcels
  • Temperature resistance for high and low temperatures
  • Manual or automatic application of adhesive
  • Specific colours available

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Applications of adhesive tape for packaging

  • Closing cardboard boxes : This is one of the most common applications for adhesive tape… Depending on the type of box to be closed (pure or recycled Kraft paper, coated cardboard, varnished cardboard…) and the environment (cold room, industrial freezer, sterilizer…), the appropriate tape must be chosen with care. The tape usually comes in 100m rolls for manual applications or 990m rolls for automatic applications by machine. Some references allow for long-term storage (airtight archive storage…). These products can usually be custom printed.

  • Bundling heavy products : The use of adhesive tape reinforced with polyester threads or glass fibres enables you to bundle or package heavy products : metal tubes, heavy cardboard boxes…


  • Holding/strapping pallets : Strapping tape allows you to hold cardboard boxes or objects on pallets during internal transfers. Depending on the weight of the objects to be held, we will choose the product with the most appropriate thickness. These products do not leave any residue on most material when they are removed and they don’t become warped.


  • Securing shipments : A large variety of products are available for securing shipments. Printed tape, standard tape or custom tape can be used, as a “Guarantee Strip”. There are also “security” tapes that leave an indelible inscription on boxes that have been opened, for example our PT300 security tape.