Double-sided polyester adhesive tape

  • Double-sided polyester adhesive tape tesa
  • Double-sided polyester adhesive tape tesa 4965
  • Double-sided polyester adhesive pieces 3m
  • Double-sided polyester adhesive tape scotch 3m 9088
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good temperature resistance (up to 200°C)
  • Good resistance to solvents and plasticizers
  • Clear double-sided tape

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Product description

Double-sided polyester tape is a high performance adhesive used in industry for final assembly. It is widely used in the communication and POS industries for manufacturing displays. For all these applications, the main references have polyester (PET) backing material with silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive. The company ADEZIF converts these products for many industrial customers and manufacturers that trust us. 

We have economical references but also technical products that offer :

  • Very strong instantaneous and durable bonding
  • High mechanical resistance (for splicing)
  • Can be removed without leaving adhesive residue for powder coating masking
  • Resistance to shocks and tearing
  • UV resistant (for outdoors) and flame retardant
  • Product resistant to ageing
  • Very thing backing material
  • Heat resistant (higher than 220°C)
  • Custom die-cut
  • Print your brand or logo


These double-sided polyester tapes have good resistance to plasticizers, which make them suitable for bonding plastic (PP, ABS, PE...). Tesa 4965 polyester adhesive and 3M 9088 double-sided scotch tape are the flagship products of this range, and they have high temperature resistance.

Some tips for choosing your double-sided polyester tape ? 

  • For very good transparency, use a double-sided polyester tape with a plastic film liner.
  • For splicing, choose a thin tape to avoid excessive thickness.
  • There are double-sided polyester tapes with differentiated adhesives: one side with permanent adhesive and one side with repositionable adhesive

Some examples of applications of double-sided polyester tape ?

  • Bonding elements on displays or advertising assemblies in points of sale
  • Manufacturing and fixing elements for blinds
  • Assembly of road signs
  • Fixing interior fittings in automobile industry

Some examples of our references of double-sided polyester tape ?

TESA 4965 Double-sided clear universal adhesive

TESA 4965 Double-sided clear universal adhesive

The best double sided polyester adhesive
Good temperature resistance (200°C peak temperature)
Highly transparent

Double-sided repositionable polyester adhesive tape Adezif pt 31

ADEZIF PT 31 Double-sided repositionable adhesive

1 permanent side / 1 repositionable side
Adhesion on several surfaces
Good resistance to plasticizers

Double-sided repositionable polyester scotch tape 3M 9415

3M 9415 Double-sided repositionable polyester scotch tape

Differential adhesion with one permanent side and one removable side
Thin backing material with good mechanical resistance
Repositionable up to 450 times

3M 9088 High performance doubled-sided adhesive

3M 9088 High performance doubled-sided adhesive

High temperature resistance (150°C peak temperature)
Adhesion on several surfaces
Easy to apply with its paper liner