Non-slip adhesive tape

  • 3M safetywalk Non-slip adhesive tape
  • Non-slip adhesive tape
  • Non-slip adhesive band
  • Non-slip adhesive band safety walk 3M on durbar plates
  • Easy application
  • Good resistance to chemical products
  • Good lifetime
  • Several colours available

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Non-slip product description

These tapes can secure your risk areas and prevent some work accidents. The powerful adhesive offers permanent bonding. The phosphorescent version can secure areas in dim/ completely dark environments. Among the non-slip products, 3M’s safety walk range is a good alternative to resin for indoor applications and is available in several varieties: standard, coarse abrasive grit particles, conformable, clear, special moist areas...

Among our non-slip products, here are some specific properties that  can present our products :


Our parent reels or 1-metre wide by 18.3-metre long logs can be custom die-cut by the width.


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Some tips for choosing your non-slip adhesive tape ? 

  • For application on durbar plates or other irregular surfaces, use the conformable 3M safety walk anti-slip band.
  • To delineate specific objects such as guardrails, you can choose the reinforced aluminium roll, which will offer better conformability for your application.

Some examples of applications for a non-slip adhesive tape ?

  • Securing step nosings on indoor staircases
  • Facilitating access to machine cabins on worksites
  • Protecting moist areas in the food industry
  • Marking out zones in industrial warehouses
  • Securing areas on boat decks
  • Securing access in dim areas of theatres

Some examples of references of our non-slip adhesive tape ?

Non-slip adhesive tape ADEZIF SW 034

ADEZIF SW 034 Non-slip adhesive tape

Several colours available (yellow, red, white, phosphorescent...)
Custom non-slip strip (up to 1 metre wide)
Easy to apply

Safety walk 3M non-slip scotch adhesive

Safety walk 3M – Non-slip scotch adhesive

For foot traffic of about one million passes
Solid and durable backing material
Powerful adhesive

TESA 4863 adhesive tape for coating and padding rollers

TESA 4863 Non-slip, non-stick tape

Non adhesive textured surface
Excellent resistance to sticky surfaces or surfaces that get clogged easily
For applications of roller packaging

Non-slip, non-stick tape ADEZIF 8463

ADEZIF 8463 Non-slip, non-stick tape

Bumpy surface highly resistant to sticky material
Non-stick properties amplified by textured surface
Ideal for coating rollers in industry

Special non-stick scotch tape for printing 3M 5461

3M 5461 Special non-stick scotch tape for printing

Non-stick with high coefficient of friction
Protects rollers while facilitating the traction of the surface
Great flexibility