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  • single-sided tape 4665 Tesa
  • Dealer of TESA products
  • Converting and custom die-cutting
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Our TESA technical expertise

Tesa is one of the major players in adhesive tape and solutions for industry, commerce and the general public. With over 125 years of experience in coating technology, in adhesive development and in product innovation, the company Tesa has reached the summit of the world market in several fields of application.

Adezif stocks, custom converts (pads, rolls, pieces, plates, film) and distributes these Tesa products on each of its sites in order to serve our clients quickly. 

The range of TESA products France

The range of TESA products is composed of single sided and double-sided adhesive tape and dispensers for application. The company’s experience in the industrial sector makes it a major player, and several references are known and recognized for their unparalleled performance and quality (4688 single sided cloth tape, 4965 double-sided polyester tape, 50600 clear single sided polyester tape, 4970 double-sided PVC tape, VOID anti-theft security tape…).

Here are the main markets for TESA products :

  • The furniture industry
  • The automobile industry
  • Surface treatment professionals
  • stage and entertainment professionals
  • aerospace
  • cardboard dealers and printers....

We distribute and convert different brands and products :

  • tesa FILM –Adhesive tape with polyester, Polyethylene or polypropylene film backing material
  • tesa FLEX – Adhesive tape with PVC backing material
  • tesa PACK –Adhesive for packaging and pallet strapping
  • tesa KREPP –Adhesive tape for paint masking
  • tesa EASYCOVER – adhesive-coated surface protection film
  • tesa EASYFOAM – double-sided foam adhesive
  • tesa EASYPROTECT – surface protection adhesive film
  • tesa EASYLIFT –Adhesive with easy gripping ability
  • tesa BAND – cloth adhesive tape
  • tesa FIX – double-sided adhesive tape

Tesa worldwide

Tesa manufactures and markets more than 6,000 references in over a hundred countries. The company makes more than three quarters of its turnover with special solutions for industrial clients. It contributes greatly to reducing costs, automating processes and improving products. The other one-quarter of its turnover comes from consumer solutions designed to facilitate daily life at work, at home and in the garden. In this field, Tesa helps people arrange their surroundings according to their taste, thus improving the quality of life of a good number of people.