Colour coding / Floor marking

  • scotch floor marking adhesive
  • scotch floor marking adhesive
  • AT8 scotch floor marking adhesive
  • Area demarcation
  • Easy to use
  • Colour coding of products
  • Resistant to high traffic

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The main applications of colour coding / floor marking

Floor marking and colour coding adhesive tape is widely used by professionals in the fields of maintenance, automobile construction, shipbuilding and general industry.


The main applications are :

  • Area demarcation – Single sided floor marking adhesive is a good solution for materializing areas in warehouses, supermarkets, sports halls. The marking can be permanent or temporary. “Safety signage is necessary each time a risk cannot be avoided or prevented by collective protection. Its implementation, in accordance with the European Directive 92/58, is the responsibility of the manager of the establishment.” Decree of November 4, 1993 on safety signs.


  • Identification of non-compliant batches – The quarantining of non-compliant product batches can be done with specific colours of adhesive tape, neutral or printed, as well as with specific printed labels.


  • Securing dangerous areas – Moist, slippery, dark or risky areas can be secured with the implementation of anti-slip tape. Other single sided tape can be used to identify fire safety elements (extinguishers, fire hose cabinets…). Phosphorescent, smooth or non-slip tape can be a good solution for identification in dim areas.


  • Identification by colour coding – Single sided colour adhesive enable you to easily identify elements such as cables or pipes.

The main colour coding / floor marking adhesive tape