Adhesive tape slitting

  • plusieurs Rubans adhésif largeur sur mesure petite quantité de couleur bleue
  • Machine permettant la découpe sur mesure adhésif technique petite largeur
  • machine présentant la découpe d'un ruban adhésif de masquage
  • Use the exact width you need
  • Several references in stock
  • No minimum order (small or large batch production)

Description of slitting

A large number of adhesive references are stocked in a large width, from 600 mm to 2,000 mm, and can be custom slit. We also make small widths starting from 2 mm or 5 mm, but only for some types of adhesive tape.

This allows our clients to obtain rolls of the desired width, including non-standard widths.

Each of our die-cutting workshops has at least one automatic or semi-automatic slitting machine.

We are convertors and slit scotch tape products from the company 3M, the vast majority of which are made to specific sizes.
We are distributors and convertors of TESA products, Velcro and… several other brands and references.

We have digital slitters and manual slitters on our 3 sites : Adezif Nord, Adezif Paris and Adezif Normandie

What are the advantages ? 

Availability of a large number of references in a very short time.

The adhesive tapes are more economical because you use the necessary material.

Die cutting possible for VHB adhesive tape, double-sided PE foam, double-sided polyester 9088... even with the most resistant adhesives like reinforced fiberglass filament tape.