3M 4611 VHB special metal adhesive

  • 3M 4611 VHB mousse acrylique spécial métaux gris avec protecteur rouge




  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Acrylic adhesive with high bonding properties
  • Designed for the assembly of metal parts before a powder coating cycle

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : up to 1,180 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

What are the characteristics of 3M 4611 ?

This 3M 4611 double-sided tape is from the VHB foam tape range whose main asset is its excellent temperature resistance which allows it to resist peak temperatures up to 230 °C and short-term temperatures of 150°C, designed for use in the metallurgy.

The typical application of this tape is the assembly of metal pieces to be painted with powder coating and then subjected to high temperatures in special ovens.

Its acrylic adhesive has a very effective bonding property and is particularly recommended for surfaces with high surface energy. The instantaneous retention on the surface means immediate handling of the parts. 

Its acrylic foam material has a bigger density than the other products from the VHB foam range. It can be applied on rough or textured surfaces.

Please note that this product has been approved according to the UL746C standard.

Here are some possible applications :

  • metal frame roof bows on trucks or buses
  • metal furniture (in steel, for example)
  • signage applications (in aluminium, stainless, etc.)

Typical properties

Colour Dark grey with a red filmic liner
Thickness 1.1 mm
Length 33 meters
Backing material Acrylic foam
Temperature resistance 150°C continuously, 230°C peak temperature
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths Up to  1,180 mm