Polypropylene adhesive packing tape

  • Packing industrial scotch tape 3M
  • Packing adhesive polypropylene tape TESA
  • custom adhesive scotch tape 3M
  • adhesive tape scotch 3M machine
  • Economical product
  • Can be printed with your brand
  • Instantaneous adhesion on cardboard
  • Resistance to water and chemical products 

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Product description

Polypropylene packing tape is mainly used for closing cardboard boxes and for product packaging. It is often used to replace PVC for economical reasons. Most PP tapes used now come with acrylic adhesive that is versatile and allows for silent unwinding when being used. For your industrial packaging solutions, we also suggest long length polypropylene packing tape at 990 metres. 3M scotch packing tape is available in tan, white or clear. Reinforced packing tape can be used for closing heavy packages.


There are 3 main categories :

  • Cardboard box of less than 20 Kg
  • Cardboard box between 20 and 40Kg
  • Cardboard box of more than 40 Kg

Some tips for choosing your packing tape ?

  • For low consumption, you can opt for PVC tapes that are easier to use
  • For a low temperature application, choose a solvent adhesive 

Some examples of applications for scotch packing tape ?

  • Closing secure cardboard boxes with our PT300 adhesive
  • Protection for packing tape labels with PP crystal tape
  • Wrapping or bundling pipes