Our adhesive converting sites


French family company, we are specialized for more than 50 years in industrial technical adhesives, glues and sealants. Our presence covers the whole of France, including three production sites in France:


  • ADEZIF PARIS located in Ennery in the Paris region
  • ADEZIF CARTHA located in Le Havre
  • ADEZIF NORD located in Lomme, near Lille
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On each site, a fleet of machines allows the cutting and transformation of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes according to 4 techniques: 


Slitting: cutting the rolls of adhesive tape to the desired width
Die-cutting: cutting the adhesive tapes to the dimensions and shapes desired by the customer
Lamination: combining two materials to form a single product
Customized tape printing: personalized printing of adhesive tapes according to your criteria: colors, logo, contact details, message...


The presence of an important stock of references guarantees to answer quickly the requests and needs of our customers for a delivery in all France but also abroad.


Our sales team is present and reactive to meet your needs and for you:


  • Provide information about our single or double-sided technical adhesive tapes, adhesives, sealants or accessories.
  • Answer all your questions thanks to our technical expertise by mail or by phone
  • Send a quotation according to your specifications, adapting us to your problems and to your cost and deadline requirements.