Removable / repositionable assembly

  • dual lock adhesive tape 3M
  • repositionable assembly tesa
  • Glue dots
  • 3M dual lock selg-gripping system
  • Removable assembly
  • Ease of implementation
  • Mechanical resistance
  • High number openings / closings

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Applications of removable assembly

The applications of removable assembly are widely used in industry and mainly in the areas of POS, Communication, shop signs, interior design, Aerospace, transport


Here are the main applications :

  • Fixing elements that can be removed – Many elements need to be correctly fixed and then removed on demand : discharge spouts, access panels, seats in emergency vehicles to facilitate maintenance, presentation boards on trade show stands, removable revolving door panels for quick maintenance.


  • Temporary display – Temporary displays in display windows, gluing plastic cards on letters, are improved dramatically when repositionable adhesive tape is used.


  • Openable/closable fastening – It is possible to use magnets, magnetic tape, double-sided repositionable tape of different types of self-gripping tape (Velcro) for fastenings that require a large number of openings and closings: box latches, plastic bags… Depending on the product used, it is possible to measure the necessary opening strength.


  • Temporary bonding of fragile floors – Several adhesive references allow for an effective bonding of carpets on fragile floors: parquet, marble… These products don’t leave adhesive residue when they are removed on the majority of surfaces.

The main products

  • Velcro adhesive tape : Large number of openings/closings, bonding on several surfaces
  • Magnetic adhesive tape : Different magnetic strengths available, facilitates application, large number openings/closings
  • 3M Dual Lock System : Temperature resistance, strong mechanical resistance, high performance bonding
  • Glue dots : Different bonding strengths available, economical product
  • Removable double-sided adhesive tape : Different adhesion strengths available, some models of repositionable double-sided tape have a permanent side and a repositionable side.