Double-sided foam tape

  • Double sided-foam adhesive tape on aluminium profile
  • Double sided-foam tape bonded on a mirror
  • Thick double-sided foam tape 3M
  • Suitable for rough or uneven surfaces
  • Shock and vibration absorber
  • Exist in many widths and colours

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Description of the double-sided foam tapes

The double-sided foam tapes can be used for many assembly applications such as bonding mirrors, indoor and outdoor signage… Their thickness is suitable for different levels of flatness of the material to assemble, from 0.5 mm to more than 6 mm. The backing material of the doubled-sided foam tape varies and can be chosen according to your application: PE foam, PU foam, PVC foam…


Double-sided foam tapes offer :

  • Thermal sealing between cold metals and hot plastics
  • Shock absorption : Density between 30 Kg/m3 to more than 600 Kg/m3
  • Absorption of vibrations and noise
  • Compensation of flatness levels : Make sure the deficit of contact does not exceed 30% of the total thickness of the adhesive tape, otherwise it will create a permanent constraint that will weaken the assembly.

The different types of foam tape

Depending on your application, here are the main materials:

  • Reticulated closed cell polyethylene foam : Can be fire retardant, has good resistance to water – acids – alcohol, at a temperature of (80 - 100°C), UV resistant, economical product.
  • Micro-cell PVC foam : Self-extinguishable. very good resistance to ageing, good resistance to water, acids, alkalis, mineral oils.
  • Semi-open cell polyurethane foam : Very good liaison with adhesives.
  • Neoprene foam : Self-extinguishable, good fire retardant, good resistance to hydrocarbons, good resistance to air, UV rays, oils, acids.
  • Closed-cell EPDM rubber foam : Excellent resistance to air, shape memory.

How to choose a double-sided foam adhesive ? 

  • For sealing, choose closed-cell foam that prevents the passage of air, gas and humidity.
  • For simple applications, use polyethylene foam which will be more economical.
  • For demanding applications in regards to temperature, high temperature foam with acrylic adhesive wille be more suitable.

Some examples of applications of double-sided foam ?

  • Fixing a mirror in a bathroom or a humid room 

  • Optical double-sided adhesive pads for holding the lens during handling
  • Sealing panels and various joints

  • Fixing illuminated signs 
  • Fixing signs and stiffeners

  • Installing nameplates or signalling 

  • Exhibition stand assembly

Some examples of double-sided foam tapes references ?

Special mirror double-sided foam adhesive ADEZIF MO 918

ADEZIF MO 918 – Special mirror double-sided foam adhesive

Excellent initial adhesion
High conformability and mechanical resistance
Closed-cell foam

Double-sided cold-resistant foam tape tesa 62936

TESA 62936 Double-sided cold-resistant foam tape

PE backing material with high tack acrylic foam adhesive
Very good cold shock absorption
UV, water and age resistant

Double-sided foam tape for quick POS installation ADEZIF MO308

ADEZIF MO 308 Double-sided foam tape for quick POS installation

PE foam backing material with high bonding rubber adhesive
Good performance on any type of surface
Recommended for indoor use

double-sided weather-proof foam tape adezif mo408

ADEZIF MO 408 Double-sided weather-proof foam tape

PE foam backing material with high performance acrylic adhesive
Good resistance to weather
Easy to use

3M 4026 and 4032  Double-sided foam adhesive

3M 4026 and 4032 Double-sided foam adhesive

Good initial adhesion on rough surfaces
Excellent resistance to high temperatures and solvents
Excellent holding power and static shear

Double-sided foam tape for plastic profiles ADEZIF MO8929-8909-8911

ADEZIF MO 8929-8909-8911 Double-sided foam tape for plastic profiles

PE film liner with closed-cell acrylic foam tape
Ideal for plastic profiles