VELCRO industrial adhesive

  • VELCRO industrial adhesive tape 3M
  • VELCRO double-sided industrial selg-gripping tape
  • Application of scratch adhesive tape
  • Removable assembly
  • Strong adhesive power
  • Fast and economical assembly
  • Thousands of openings and closings possible

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Description of Velcro hook and loop tape

VELCRO industrial adhesive tapes and particularly suitable for fixtures that need to be removable. They are composed of a loop part (female) and a hook part (male), which attach to each other allowing for temporary fixation. There are several references of adhesive that can be bonded to a great variety of surfaces, including those with plasticizer migrations (like PVC tarpaulins).


Here are the main types of products we offer and convert on our sites :

  • Velcro adhesive in reels and rolls (up to 100 mm wide as a standard)
  • Velcro adhesive pads (Pad diameter 12, 15, 19, 30, 40 ....)
  • Special High temperature Velcro adhesive
  • Special PVC adhesive (ex: tarpaulin hems)
  • Non-adhesive Velcro
  • Clear Velcro adhesive
  • Fireproof Velcro adhesive - Polyester loop and hook
  • Printed Velcro band
  • Conductive adhesive
  • Velcro One wrap or 2 in 1 – attached to itself
  • Polyamide loop and hook
  • Polypropylene mushroom hook – High durability
  • 2 in 1 collar
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Reactivated or high temperature adhesive


We also offer specially designed Velcro bands for sewing with a pre-holding adhesive. The laminated adhesive is not as wide as the Velcro, and the needle is not in contact with the adhesive, so the needle does not get dirty and does not break. It’s a product specially designed to facilitate sewing and the passage of the needle and thread.

Some tips for choosing your velcro tape ?  

  • Be careful of the adhesive chosen on your self-gripping tape : for PVC, for low surface energy surfaces, for fireproof products…
  • For faster application on your surfaces, use rolls of pre-cut pads.
  • For visual applications, self-gripping bands are available in several colours: white, black, purple, red… and even clear !
  • Velcro tape is not made to withstand heavy loads ; for this type of application, use 3M dual lock tape.

Some examples of applications of Velcro tape ?

  • Fixing tarpaulins and panels on professional stands
  • Removable closure on sales binders and folders
  • Splicing PVC tarpaulins for inflatable structures
  • Fireproof gripping tape in the aeronautic and automobile industries
  • Holding cables and fibre optics with sleeve clamps

Terms of purchase and sale for self-gripping bands for industrials

We sell Velcro tape in small and large batches for manufacturers and professionals. These products are available for purchase custom die-cut in pads or in rolls. The standard formats in stock are  25 mm X 25 m rolls and 50 mm X 25 m in loop and hook and black and white and an adhesive material of ps14 or ps18. And we have Velcro cutter tools in stock for several formats. 

Some examples of our references of Velcro tape ? 

Velcro PS30 high performance pads

Velcro PS30 high performance pads

Velcro pads with high performance PS30 adhesive
High performance on low surface energy substrates
Multi-use and very practical

3M SJ 3419 – 3418 Scotch Special self-gripping aeronautical tape

3M SJ 3419 – 3418 Scotch Special self-gripping aeronautical tape

Non adhesive product
Velcro sewing bands resistant to fire
Frequently used in aeronautics

velcro Self-gripping one wrap

Velcro onewrap

Continuous roll without adhesive
Ideal strapping for fibre optic cables
Strong holding capacity

Velcro back-to-back hook and loop

Velcro back-to-back hook and loop

Ideal for strapping, maintaining, holding together or closing
Considerable thickness give it a longer lifetime
Continuous roll without adhesive

Velcro PS18 Special PVC tarpaulin self-gripping tape

Velcro PS18 Special PVC tarpaulin self-gripping tape

Velcro bands with acrylic adhesive
Used to make long-lasting hems on PVC tarpaulins
Resistant to UV and to temperatures up to 120°C

Velcro PS14 self-gripping tape with rubber adhesive

Velcro PS14 Self-gripping tape with rubber adhesive

Velcro bands with rubber adhesive
Universal use except on PVC and vinyl
Suitable for curved surfaces

3M SJ 3526 – 3527 scotch self-gripping tape for general use

3M SJ 3526 – 3527 Scotchmate Self-gripping tape for general use

High adhesion on high and low surface energy surfaces
Heat activated adhesive on cloth or foam
Indoor use

3M SJ 352 D SCOTCHMATE SJ 3526 and SJ 3527 Dispenser

3M SJ 352 D Scotchmate SJ 3526 and SJ 3527 Dispenser

Dispenser of SJ 3526 hooks and SJ 3527 loops
Rubber adhesive with high adhesion on high and low surface energy surfaces
Indoor use