They trust us


With our partners we develop long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our will to offer innovative and suitable solutions for our clients’ needs enables us to satisfy our clients in the long-term. We have a base of more than 5,000 active clients including the greatest names in French industry, proof of the confidence and the competiveness of the company ADEZIF.

Here are our main markets :

  • Aeronautics
  • Automobile industry
  • Rail transport
  • Cardboard
  • Printing
  • POS
  • Optical
  • Plastic conversion
  • Agricultural industry
  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Energy
  • Leather goods
  • Paint
  • Surface protection


Technical nature of the interlocutors, Availability and competiveness of products, Speed of delivery characterize the sales relations with our clients. A technical or commercial question? A project in development? Requests for samples? Contact us !

Among our markets, here are some examples of products used :

  • Aerospace : Double-sided cloth adhesive, Double-sided polyester adhesive, two-component epoxy adhesive...
  • Agriculture : Single sided polyethylene adhesive tape, Joints compressed with foam, un-coated cloth with rubber adhesive…
  • Asbestos removal : Polyethylene adhesive, cloth coated with rubber adhesive…
  • Automobile : Acrylic foam adhesive, double-sided foam adhesive tape, paper with silicone adhesive, single sided polyester adhesive tape…
  • Cable : waterproof sealant, Resin, electric field distributor tape, semi-conductive self-amalgamating tape, flexible PVC with rubber adhesive,
  • Construction : orange PVC adhesive, vapour barrier solutions, rubber and PVC adhesive film, polypropylene adhesive tape, joints compressed with foam...
  • Electronics and electronics engineering : Electroconductors, glass cloth, polyester, Kapton, Teflon...
  • Bonding foam : Double-sided polyimide adhesive, non woven double-sided adhesive, transfer tape....
  • Graphic art : Cellulose adhesive tape with rubber/acrylic, transfer tape, double-sided book binding adhesive…


and other products in other industries ! Fabric, textile, floor covering, Leisure, Furniture, Windows, Industrial assembly, signs, Military, Nuclear, Paint and decoration, sand blasting, plastic profiles, paper, printing, roofing and cladding, Solar, Shipbuilding, Splicing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Appliances…