They trust us

We have a base of over 5000 active customers, including some of the biggest names in French industry, proof of ADEZIF's confidence and competitiveness.

We develop long-term relationships with our partners based on trust and mutual respect

Our determination to offer innovative solutions tailored to our customers' needs enables us to satisfy our customers over the long term.

Our main markets:

  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive industry 
  • Rail transport 
  • Cardboard
  • Printing
  • POP
  • Optics
  • Plastics processing
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Energy
  • Leather goods
  • Paint
  • Surface protection

The foundations of our client engagement:

  • Technical contacts
  • Product availability and competitiveness
  • Fast delivery

Do you have a technical or commercial question? A project in development? Requests for samples? Just contact us!

Types of adhesive tapes used by industry

  • Aerospace: Double-sided fabric adhesive, Double-sided polyester adhesive, Two-component epoxy adhesive...
  • Agriculture: Single-sided polyethylene adhesive tape, Compressed foam gaskets, Uncoated fabric with rubber adhesive...
  • Asbestos removal: Polyethylene adhesive, Fabric coated with rubber adhesive...
  • Automotive: Acrylic adhesive foam, double-sided foam tape, paper with silicone adhesive, single-sided polyester tape...
  • Cable: Sealing putty, Resins, Electric field splitter tapes, Semi-conductive self-amalgamating tape, Flexible PVC with rubber adhesive,
  • Construction: PVC orange adhesive, vapour-barrier solutions, rubber adhesive and PVC film, polypropylene adhesive tape, compressed foam gaskets...
  • Electronics and electrical engineering: Electroconductors, glass cloth, polyester, Kapton, Teflon...
  • Foam bonding: Double-sided polyimide, double-sided non-woven, transfer tape....
  • Graphic arts: Cellulose adhesive tape with rubber/acrylic, transfer adhesive, double-sided cliché adhesive...

... and many other products in other fields:

Textile fabrics, Flooring, Leisure, Furniture, Glazing, Industrial assembly, Signage, Military, Nuclear, Painting and decorating, Sandblasting, Plastic profiles, Paper, Printing, Roofing and cladding, Solar, Shipbuilding, Jointing, Telecommunications, Transport, Domestic appliances...