Double-sided foam tape dispenser

  • Double-sided foam tape dispenser for VHB adhesive tape
  • Double-sided VHB tape dispenser
  • Manual Double-sided foam tape dispenser
  • Double-sided tape dispenser
  • Constant applied pressure
  • Precision of application
  • Semi-automatic cutting

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Description of double-sided VHB foam tape dispenser

For the application of our double-sided VHB foam tapes, we offer a dispenser specifically designed for industrial applications. This device was developed by the company 3M and allows you to increase productivity for industrial applications. Thanks to the constant applied pressure, it is possible to achieve a clean and effective application. The adjustable side guides make the dispenser suitable for many surfaces.


Here is our demonstration video about the 3M dispenser :


Some tips for use

This dispenser is suitable for VHB tapes from 0.25 to 1.5 mm thick and 4 to 20 mm wide. The outside diameter can get up to 300 mm. It can be adapted and mounted for both left-handed and right-handed people. A handle can also be added for easier use. It is mostly used with the following tapes :


It is recommended to use the brake to control the unwinding speed of the roll of tape depending on how easily it unwinds.