ADEZIF TF031 Transfer tape with finger lift for easy removal

  • Ruban adhésif double face transfert avec protecteur débordant ou finger lift Adezif TF031




  • Special stationery: envelopes, pouches, etc.
  • Finger lift: easy-to-remove protector
  • Rubber adhesive for permanent assembly

Presentation possibilities

  • Available widths (tape/liner): 12/18 or 18/24 mm
  • Length up to 2500 m for machine use

Description of the ADEZIF TF031 transfer adhesive tape for stationery

ADEZIF TF031 is a double sided transfer (linerless) tape for permanent assemblies, consisting of a synthetic rubber adhesive mass.

Il has a finger-lift protector made of siliconised paper, allowing easy removal of the finger-lift protector and therefore quick application of the transfer.

Ruban adhésif double face transfert avec protecteur débordant finger lift pour un retrait facile ADEZIF TF 031

Applications of the ADEZIF TF 031 finger lift double-sided transfer tape

  • Manufacture of paper envelopes
  • Stationery product
  • Medical records
  • Pouches
  • ...

Le TF031 is also available as a flat roll up to 2500 m in length for use with automatic assembly machines.

Video: Example of double-sided transfer tape application with an automatic assembly machine in industry.

Technical data of the ADEZIF TF031 overflow protector transfer tape

Technical information - ADEZIF TF031
Adhesive Synthetic rubber (28 g/m²)
Backing None (transfer)
Total thickness without liner 83 μm
Finger-lift protector Siliconized paper
Available widths (tape/liner) 12/18 mm or 18/24 mm
Peel strength on steel (24 h) 800 N/m
Shear strength on steel 100 hours
Temperature resistance 0 °C to +90 °C
Application temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Length Up to 2500 m