Our profession

Our profession is the distribution and conversion of adhesive tape and technical glue for manufacturers.

Our strategy focuses on three key points in accordance with our will to participate in competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Technical assessment

ADEZIF endeavours to help its clients rely on the technical performance of its teams. An application with adhesive or glue requires expertise, knowledge about the material and possible solutions, as well as knowledge about the different sectors of industry in order to duplicate effective solutions.

ADEZIF also chooses to work with quality technical products that are reliable.

Our technical expertise enables us to offer custom manufacturing of adhesives if no existing solutions suit your application.

Above all, our technical expertise enables us to recommend the most suitable product for your application, depending on your technical and economic constraints.

An advanced technological vigil, as well as solid experience, enables ADEZIF to rise to the challenges set before us, often through unique solutions.

Client proximity and reactivity

The presence of our technical and sales teams in the field enable us to respond quickly to all technical or commercial requests concerning a project to study, requests for samples, requests for technical recommendations.

Our know-how in several types of applications enables ADEZIF to recommend effective solutions quickly.

In order for our clients to validate the different solutions suggested, ADEZIF also quickly sends adequate samples.

Customized solutions

Because manufacturing and development deadlines are shorter and shorter, and in order for our clients to focus on their core business, we want to ensure the fastest possible delivery of the products we supply. 

Therefore each ADEZIF agency has a large stock of various products in order to offer short delivery times. The presence of a die-cutting workshop in each of our agencies enables us to delivery most of our products very quickly, including for custom and non-standard cuts. We stock parent reels in our different conversion sites in Lille with Adezif Nord, in the Parisian region with Adezif Paris and in Normandy with Adezif Cartha. Our transporters can deliver processed products in all these geographic zones in in less than 24 hours.

We choose our logistics partners with care and ensure reliable and fast delivery all over France, from simple parcels to full articulated lorries. We also deliver to our clients and their sub-contractors abroad.

At ADEZIF, we fulfil our missions in order to satisfy our clients. Our teams are available to serve you in the completion of your projects.