Glue dots

  • example of applications for glue dots
  • repositionable glue drops for samples
  • double-sided glue for samples
  • roll of repositionable glue drops
  • Permanent or repositionable assembly
  • Economical product
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for gluing samples on mailings or magazines

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Description of repositionable glue drops

Glue dots are mainly used in the field of communication and POS for gluing samples. These are different from double-sided tape because they have no support and are literally drops of glue on a protective paper.


We offer 3 different levels of adhesion :

  • Repositionable : to remove your sample without leaving marks or ripping the document
  • Semi-permanent : allows for intermediary gluing for documents that are more difficult to glue (varnished cardboard, with a plastic film…)
  • Permanent : to glue your sample permanently.


Industrial customers or professionals can thus remove their sample easily without ripping the advertising document on which it is stuck. The glue drops are transparent and exist in different sizes and with different adhesion strengths. The standard diameter is 9 mm for rolls of 10,000 glue drops or 1,000 glue drops. The roll of 1,000 glue drops is compatible with the ATG dispenser, which can help save time when large batches are necessary (see video below). Adezif is a supplier of these glue dots for many clients in industry.


Some tips for choosing the best glue dots for you ? 

  • The notion of being repositionable depends on the quality of the document used; ask for samples to conduct your own tests.
  • For intensive use, use the automatic glue dot dispenser.

Some examples of industrial applications for the glue dots ?

  • Gluing loyalty cards on advertising letters
  • Paper mailings
  • Glue dots to glue posters on glass
  • Gluing samples in magazines