Double-sided transfer tape

  • Double-sided transfer Dispenser 3m atg 700
  • Example of application of Double-sided transfer tape 3m 924
  • Double-sided transfer tape 3M 969 for 3M ATG dispenser
  • Double-sided transfer tape 3M 924
  • Adhesive without backing material : "glue in roll"
  • Easy to apply with an ATG dispenser
  • Excellent adhesion on foam and cloth
  • Thin tape

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Product description

Transfer tape is mainly used for its thinness and for its easy use. The absence of backing material gives you good product “wetting”, that is to say optimises the surface contact of the assembly. This is particularly interesting for bonding foam and cloth.


Here are the main advantages our products can offer :

  • Significant thickness of the adhesive for rough surfaces (up to 250 µm adhesive material)
  • Reinforced width wise and lengthwise : offers good conformability and mechanical resistance
  • Overlapping liner : for a more ergonomic application
  • On a special core adaptable for ATG dispenser
  • Kraft liner for a barrier against humidity
  • Smooth adhesive for good transparency
  • Hand tearable


Adhesive transfer films are also widely used when bonding photos, with a dispenser and a PH neutral transfer tape. 3M 467 transfer tape and scotch 468 MP are widely used for bonding sign fronts and plates.

Some tips for choosing your transfer tape ? 

  • For easy application with automatic liner removal, use the ATG 3M 700 dispenser
  • For porous materials, use a thick transfer tape to optimise the bonding surface
  • For final assemblies with mechanical constraints, use reinforced or scrim transfer tape

Some examples of applications of transfer tape ?

  • Polyethylene foam adhesive
  • Bonding sign fronts and plates
  • Assembly of brochures or posters for advertising (paper/paper or cardboard/cardboard) 

Some examples of our transfer adhesive tape references ?

ADEZIF TF 24 – Double-sided transfer tape for ATG

ADEZIF TF 24 – Double-sided transfer tape for ATG

Temperature resistance (100° C)
Excellent adhesion on paper and cardboard
Easy to apply with the ATG dispenser

3M 969 ATG powerful double-sided tape

3M 969 ATG Powerful double-sided tape

Very strong initial bonding on all types of substrates
Very powerful and thick acrylic adhesive (adhesive 300)
Temperature resistance : 82°C

Double-sided VHB transfer tape 3M 9460

3M 9460 – 9469 – 9473 – Double-sided VHB transfer tape

Strong bonding on high surface energy surfaces
Very high temperature resistance

Scrim transfer tape – double-sided reinforced tape Adezif TF 29

ADEZIF TF 29 Scrim transfer tape – double-sided reinforced tape

Polyester scrim with good mechanical resistance
Bonds to low surface energy surfaces (PP, PE...)
Good resistance to water and solvents

ADEZIF TF28 double-sided repositionable transfer tape

ADEZIF TF 28 Double-sided repositionable transfer tape

Repositionable acrylic adhesive
Used with manual dispenser with removal of paper liner
Great versatility

3M 467 and 468 Double-sided adhesive for signage

3M 467 and 468 Double-sided adhesive for signage

Very good environmental resistance
A safe model for fixing signage
Thin and clear backing material

3M 9627 double-sided transfer tape special for plastics

3M 9627 Double-sided transfer tape special for plastics

Optimal adhesion to plastics with low surface energy
Excellent resistance to solvents and difficult environments
Very good temperature resistance

3M 924 double-sided transfer tape for ATG

3M 924 double-sided transfer tape for ATG

Easy to apply with the ATG 700 dispenser
Good adhesion on paper or cardboard
Excellent resistance to solvents

Premium double-sided transfer tape ADEZIF TF69

ADEZIF TF 69 Premium double-sided transfer tape

Very good adhesion on several surfaces
Good resistance to ageing and good temperature resistance
Used with manual dispenser type ATG700