Polyurethane Sealant – PU Cartridge

  • example of application of polyurethane sealant
  • polyurethane sealant sikaflex 256
  • polyurethane sealant 3m
  • Excellent bonding on many surfaces
  • Absorbs surface expansions
  • Can be painted and sanded after polymerisation
  • Good resistance to mechanical constraints

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Product description

Polyurethane sealant is mainly used to seal and to achieve a flexible (up to 25 % elastic elongation ) and thick assembly, which compensates for surface irregularities.


PU sealants have many advantages compared to conventional mechanical fasteners :

  • Making a flexible joint that accepts differential expansion and distortion
  • Reduction of noise and vibrations
  • Assembly of different and thinner materials to reduce the cost


The company ADEZIF offers a wide range of sealant/adhesive with some of the following properties :

  • Possibility to paint the sealant 
  • Fast skin formation time
  • Excellent UV resistance 
  • Little VOC
  • Structural bonding of windows
  • Used in total immersion
  • Smoke-fire classification


Sealant/adhesive is used for two main applications : for bonding or for sealing. Therefore, to choose the most suitable product for your application, you have to compromise between a flexible joint for sealing and a firm joint for bonding.

We offer innovative packaging that prevents cartridge distortion, improves product lifetime and limits the amount of waste at the end of the cartridge.
All fastening and sealing applications are different. Contact us to choose the product that has the most suitable skin formation time (from 30 to 90 minutes), packaging (barrel, cartridge, bag), colour (white, grey, black....) and Shore hardness.


Our solutions prevent UV degradation, the formation of moss, and do not deteriorate the surface.

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Some tips for choosing your polyurethane sealant ?

  • For an application subjected to UV, use a suitable reference that is UV resistant like Sikaflex 222i UV
  • For an effective assembly, avoid a skin formation time that is too fast which can result in bubbling; the skin formation time is equal to the open time multiplied by 2.

Some examples of applications of polyurethane sealant ?

  • Bonding windscreens
  • Assembly of industrial body work
  • Airtight joints without primer on concrete, glass, marble, granite and brick
  • Wood for outdoor joinery
  • Manufacture of all types of panels
  • Shipbuilding

Some examples of references of polyurethane sealant ?

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