Adhesive tape dispenser

  • adhesive tape dispenser tesa 6400
  • 3M ATG 700 dispenser for applying adhesive transfer tape
  • 3M ATG 700 dispenser for applying adhesive transfer tape
  • Dispenser for single or double-sided tapes
  • Easy to use
  • Manual or automatic
  • Table or hand-held version

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Product description

For the application of our adhesive tapes, we offer a wide range of dispensers. For single or double-sided tape, with or without liner, automatic or manual, for simple packaging applications or more technical assembly applications… don’t hesitate to consult us for the best solution.

We particularly recommend the use of the following dispensers :

  • M1000 automatic dispenser for automatic cutting of pieces of an adjustable length for single or double-sided tapes
  • 3M ATG 700 dispenser for applying adhesive transfer tape with automatic removal of the paper liner.

Some advice for choosing a dispenser ?

For optimal use of transfer tape, the 3M ATG 700 dispenser is ideal : light, ergonomic and easy to use for professionals.

To optimize your double-sided tape use, consider using a table dispenser with automatic liner removal

Tesa dispensers with cutting blades especially designed for reinforced filament tape are also available 

It is possible to combine the M1000 automatic dispenser with an automatic liner removal system

Some examples of applications for dispensers ?

  • Picture assembly thanks to the ATG 700 3M dispenser
  • Automatic cutting of double-sided adhesive bands thanks to an electronic dispenser with adjustable length
  • Applying single sided aluminium tape with a liner on the edge of corrugated plastic