The bonding market in France

A study done by the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry entitled “Bonding in France, an asset for industrial assembly” concludes that this assembly method is a vector of competitiveness for companies.
Conducted in France with 293 industrial companies, this study reveals that bonding is present in 69 % of the companies that responded. The change of assembly methods has been strongly felt by manufacturers over the past few years.

In the aeronautic industry, production costs per part have been reduced by 40% in relation to riveting (with a weight per part divided by 2.5).


In the automobile industry, assembly time has decreased by 30 % in relation to screwing.


In the wood industry, improvement of bonding technology has allowed for time savings of 70 % !


The same goes for the plastic industry with production costs down by 20 %.


For the electrical and electronic industries, a reduction of 10 to 20 % of manufacturing costs was noted compared to spot welding processes, a weight saving of 25 % and often, when bonding replaced the use of new non-weldable materials, the manufacturing cost was simply divided by two!


Finally, regarding the machine and equipment industries, the cost saving is between 20 and 50 % of the post assembly costs of rotating parts or sheet metal parts.  

The diversity of adhesives and their increasingly large technical nature make adhesive solutions possible in a wide variety of fields.
Finally, the possibilities for custom die-cutting adhesives also allow you to optimise the application of the adhesives on worksites, production lines and in the place of installation....

The latest adhesive product developments provide solutions in areas previously reserved for mechanical fasteners : bonding exterior windows in the construction industry, bonding plastic parts in PE or PP…