General Sales Conditions

Article 1 – Acceptance of orders
All orders imply acceptance, without reservation, of our General Sales Conditions, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in our clients’ General Purchasing Conditions.

Article 2 – Delivery deadlines
Delivery or intervention deadlines are only given as an indication, and any delays do not entitle the purchaser to cancel the sale, refuse the merchandise or the service, or to claim damages.


Article 3 - Transport
All our merchandise is sold and considered as taken in our stores. It travels at the purchaser’s risk, whatever the means of transportation or the pre-paid or carriage forward price terms and conditions.

Article 4 – Sale price
Our goods are invoiced on the basis of prevailing prices on the date of delivery, and our services, based on the prevailing prices on the day they are completed. Participation in conversion fees will be an extra charge for all orders less than a certain amount; this amount, as well as the fees, is indicated in our prices.


Article 5 – Terms of payment
Unless otherwise stipulated, our invoices are payable in Lille 30 days after in invoice date or under 0.5% discount if paid within 8 days of reception of the invoice. In the case of payment in cash, the discount will be deducted from our taxable turnover.
The amount of VAT indicated on our invoices, deductible by the purchaser, must be reduced from the amount of this tax relating to the discount. ADEZIF retains full ownership of the goods until full payment of the invoice: until that date, the delivered merchandise is considered as a deposit and the purchaser will bear the risk of damage it might incur for any reason. However, the purchaser is authorized to use or sell the goods. ADEZIF reserves the right to terminate this authorization by registered letter upon the first incident of payment.
By express agreement, the failure to pay a single instalment or any breach of the obligations borne by the purchaser,
a) will result in :
1. ADEZIF is free to choose, either payment of the full remaining sum due regardless of the originally planned terms of payment, or the return of the merchandise at the purchaser’s expense.
2. payment of interest at the base bank rate plus 6 points.
3. as a penalty, payment of compensation for a 15% collection fee on the amount of the sum due, subject to all other money owed.
b) authorises ADEZIF to suspend new deliveries or interventions. The purchaser refrains from making a claim against the seller for deferring settlement in full or in part, or to provide compensation.  
Invoices addressed to the State, local authorities and their public establishments are payable according to the terms laid out in the Public Work Contract Regulations, including its provision for default interest which will be payable in full in case of payment default before the given deadline.


Article 6 - Guarantee
We promise to delivery goods compliant with ADEZIF’s technical specifications and to replace any merchandise recognized by ADEZIF as defective. In no case can our company be held liable for damage or injury of any kind that might be the direct or indirect result of poor product adaptation or its defective use. Before using any product, we recommend that users ensure that the product suits the intended purpose by performing the necessary preliminary tests. This would protect them against the liability and risk that fall upon them. We do not accept any returns without our prior written consent. The provisions of these conditions are not exclusive to the application of the non-professional purchaser of the legal guarantee of articles 1641 and according to the Civil Code.

Article 7 – Address for service and jurisdiction
The address for service is made by ADEZIF at its headquarters. In case of dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of a sales contract, the Commercial Court of Lille will be the only competent authority. Our bills or acceptance of payment have an effect neither on novation nor on exemption of this attributive clause of jurisdiction.


Nos traites ou l'acceptation de règlement n'opèrent ni novation ni dérogation à cette clause attributive de juridiction.