Lead adhesive tape

  • example of application of the lead adhesive tape 3m 420
  • lead adhesive tape 3m 420 for electroplating with an acid bath
  • Resistant to acid baths and reduces X rays
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Malleable product
  • Heavy product

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General description of lead adhesive

Single sided lead adhesive tape is a technical adhesive tape used mainly in electroplating when an acid bath is necessary. Indeed the lead is particularly resistant to chemical aggressions and the rubber adhesive as well.


It also has other advantages :

  • Heavy product (balancing parts)
  • Thermal conductivity (heat dissipation)
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Resistant to flames and bad weather 
  • Resistant to chemical products (chemical machining)
  • Reduces X rays (X-ray applications, screen against radiation)
  • Protection against moisture


It is particularly suitable for electroplating with considerable thicknesses (more than 19 µm) to avoid peak effects or stops.

Some examples of applications ?

  • Surface protection when stripping airplane paint with 3M 420 scotch

Some examples of references of lead adhesive ?

3M 420 single sided lead foil tape

3M 420 Single sided lead foil tape

Thermally and electrically conductive
Conformable on many composite surfaces
Presence of a liner, ideal for use in electroplating