Long length adhesive rolls or spools

  • ruban adhésif double face trancanné 12 mm de couleur rouge
  • Trancanneuse pour rouleau adhésif grande longueur
  • ruban adhésif double face trancanné repositionnable 13 mm de couleur bleue
  • Long length
  • Reduces reel changes
  • Several possible backing materials PP, PET, PVC ...
  • Custom dimensions possible

Description of principale of spooling reels

For intensive machine applications, it is a good idea to use long-length adhesive rolls or adhesive spooling rolls to minimize roll changes as much as possible and thus increase productivity.

Spooling consists in rolling the adhesive by shifting the roll forward with each turn, like a spool of thread. Almost all adhesive tapes can be rolled in a spool in lengths varying between 500 metres and 10,000 metres depending on the material and its thickness. This technique enables you to obtain a long length on the same reel.

It is possible to use “flat” rolls similar to conventional rolls but with a longer length. Depending on the reference, it is possible to roll up to 1,500 metres of adhesive on the same “flat” roll. The main backing material used polypropylene.

Here is a video showing an application example for long-length flat rolls adhesive :

Spooling adhesives are rolled on wider than conventional spools and require a specific dispenser to ensure adequate unrolling. 

Some tips for choosing your spooling adhesive tape ? 

  • For high-speed applications, it is preferable to use a plastic liner that is more resistant than a paper liner.
  • For applications on paper or cardboard folders, the use of an overlapping liner ("fingerlift") will make the subsequent removal of the liner easier.
  • "Flat” rolls can also be delivered with an overlapping liner.

Some examples of applications for long-length adhesive rolls ?

  • Closures on cardboard folders
  • Lamination of metallic profiles
  • Manufacturing of rubber adhesive joints in the automotive industry