3M 467 and 468 Double-sided adhesive for signage

  • 3M 467 et 468 ruban adhésif double face transfert pour signalétique




  • Very good environmental resistance
  • A safe model for fixing signage
  • Thin and clear backing material

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : Up to 1,220 mm
  • Lamination with other products
  • Die-cut in sheets
  • Add an overlapping liner for fast application

What are the characteristics of 3M 467 and 3M 468 ?

3M 467 and 468 adhesive transfer tapes are essential products in the field of POS and communication.

They were developed by the company 3M especially for bonding industrial plastic or metal plates on high surface energy material.

This scotch tape is composed of a thin, clear adhesive film and a film liner that remains stable with moisture, which prevents rippling, folding or buckling in humid environments.

The type 200 acrylic adhesive offers high final adhesion and has good features for avoiding edge lifting and warping. 

This product is particularly suitable for lamination of thin plastic material with a significant width.

Typical properties

Colour Clear
Thickness 50 µM for 467 and 125 µM for 468
Length 55 meters
Backing material No backing material
Type of adhesive Acrylic 200
Temperature resistance - 40°C to + 149°C continuously
Conversion Rolls, Pieces, Lamination
Available widths Up to 1,220 mm