Bonding primer for industrial adhesive tape

  • Bonding primer container 3M 83 for adhesive tape
  • Bonding primer container adezif PA212 for adhesive tape
  • Improve instant adhesion and final bonding performance
  • Improve bonding on PP, PE, ABS, Wood, Steel...
  • Available in containers or individual units

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Description of industrial uses

Primer is a coating that is applied on the surface to bond and that improves the bonding of adhesive tape on the surface concerned by improving the surface energy.


Primer is applied with a brush or our primer applicator (see video below). Primer is generally a volatile product : it is necessary to reseal the container after each use. It is also important to read the technical data sheet and the safety data sheet attentively, and if necessary to wear a suitable mask during the application.


There are primers available for each surface : For glass, for rubber, for steel, for wood, for plastic (PP and EPDM) for Epoxy powder coating…


The primer application does not replace cleaning and surface preparation.

Some tips for choosing primer ?

  • For the application, make sure the surface is clean, dry and degreased before applying the primer.
  • For porous material, a second coat might be necessary, and for PP and EPDM, you can use reference K500 from the company 3M. 
  • Wait until the primer is completely dry before applying the adhesive tape.
  • When choosing a primer, it is important to ensure it is compatible with the selected adhesive.

Easy application of bonding primer

Here is a demonstration video of a primer applicator that enables you to apply 3M 94 primer. The liquid product is applied in a precise and controlled manner :


Some examples of applications of primer ?

  • Bonding adhesive on painted metal with epoxy paint
  • Bonding joints on rubber
  • Bonding small pieces of wood on glass with silane