Plastic-coated PVC adhesive tape

  • Plastic-coated PVC adhesive tape with a wide range of colours for electricians
  • Scotch 3M 471 for floor marking
  • die-custom floor marking adhesive tape
  • Strong bonding power
  • Wide range of colours
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • Stretches easily

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Product description

PVC tape is used for several applications and especially for electrical insulation and in the construction industry. The wide range of available colours enables you to use these products for identification and tracking applications. Plastic-coated PVC tape (also called vinyl) is also used for floor marking in industrial warehouses and supermarkets. This product is available in black and yellow /black hazard and white/ red hazard for identifying dangerous areas. 

Some tips for chossing your plastic-coated PVC tape ?

  • For floor marking applications in high traffic areas, use a tinted adhesive product that will resist wear.
  • For electrical insulation applications, remember to check that the insulation power of your tape corresponds to your needs. 

Some examples of applications of single-sided PVC tape ?

  • Insulation of electrical cables
  • Colour coding of areas in warehouses or demarcation of fields in a sports room
  • Splicing thermoforming plastics
  • Film and negative montage with inactinic adhesive tape
  • Borders of composite panels for aerospace
  • Area identification or non-compliant packages
  • Maintains formwork or polyethylene tarpaulins in the construction industry  

Some examples of our references of single-sided PVC tape ?

Permanent floor marking adhesive 3M 471

3M 471 Permanent floor marking adhesive

9 colours available
High resistance to abrasion
Permanent floor marking with custom widths

Economical floor marking adhesive ADEZIF 8

ADEZIF 8 Economical floor marking adhesive

Easy and permanent application
Economical solution
Resistant to abrasion

TESA 60760 Temporary floor marking adhesive tape

TESA 60760 Temporary floor marking adhesive tape

Economical adhesive for temporary bonding
Hand tearable
Customs widths available