Glue gun nozzles

  • 3M nozzles for EPX glue gun
  • 3M nozzles for EPX glue gun
  • 3M nozzles for EPX glue gun
  • 3M nozzles for EPX glue gun
  • Optimisation of mix
  • From 7 to 24 mixing elements for an optimal mixing of the glue
  • Strict respect of the proportions of the mix
  • Precision when gluing

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Description of the nozzle for glue cartridges

For single component adhesives, needles and nozzles are used to ensure the accuracy of the application or the shape of the joint. For dual component adhesives, the mixing nozzles (or static mixers) allow for the optimal mixing of the two-glue components. Glue nozzles exist for several types of products : hot melt glue, polyurethane sealant, dual component acrylic glue, dual component epoxy glue, cyanoacrylate glue... ). Depending on the packaging of the glue, the gun and nozzle may be different  (50 ml cartridge, 400 ml cartridge, 30 ml bottle...).

Some advice for choosing the best nozzle for you ? 

  • Each glue has a suitable nozzle ; remerber to check that the nozzle you use is designed for the glue you use.
  • For better accuracy when applying the glue, it is sometimes possible to combine the use of the static mixer with an ultra precise dispensing needle.
  • For the application of less fluid sealants, try specific nozzles for the application of a triangular bead, which allows for a better distribution of the glue. 

Some examples of applications for nozzles ?

  • Mixing dual component Epoxy glue
  • Using a triangular bead of polyurethane sealant
  • Using ultra precise cyanoacrylate glue