• Solar panels
  • Blade production
  • Application of sealing with a single-sided adhesive tape
  • Cloth adhesive tape for tarpaulins splicing
  • Water tightness or airtightness
  • Easy to install
  • Glue, adhesive tape or sealant

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Sealing applications

There are many sealing applications in industry and many solutions for achieving a sealed joint.


The most common applications are :


  • Sealing around the openings of rolling stock – Sealants in cartridges or in strips ensure perfect sealing of sky dome products, windows and other openings on caravans or motorhomes.


  • Anti-dust protection – The edges of plastic sheets, used especially in the manufacturing of verandas, can be closed with a specific adhesive tape that allows for the circulation of air but ensures a barrier against insects and other foreign bodies.


  • Bonding panels – The bus and special vehicle manufacturing industry heavily uses sealants in cartridges for bonding panels. Sealants offer effective bonding with a flexible bonding joint that is resistant to the slight deformations that occur during the normal life cycle of the vehicles. 


  • Containment – Adhesive tapes are commonly used in industries that require optimal containment. During asbestos removal in contained areas, airtight sealing of waste is possible with a specific adhesive. In the nuclear industry, a specific cloth PMUC adhesive can be used for a large number of applications while respecting the strict regulations of this type of industry. 

The main sealing products