Distributor and converter for Velcro France

  • Distributeur et transformateur velcro - pastilles velcro
  • Velcro one wrap auto-agripant
  • Velour Velcro
  • schéma d'un velcro
  • Distributor of Velcro tape for industry
  • Converter of Velcro products (pads, pieces...)
  • Technical expertise about these products
  • Stock in hook and loop rolls
Bouton accroche

Certified dealer for the Velcro brand in France

The company ADEZIF stocks, distributes and converts VELCRO products in adhesive rolls, in pads… 

This long-standing collaboration allows us to offer our clients the most technical solutions for removable assemblies. VELCRO ® brand’s authentic closures are known worldwide as pioneers of hook and loop technology and self-gripping tape. Velcro represents the industry standard in terms of quality and innovation of the hook and loop technology. The main objective is to offer its clients the quality and  consistency they expect. The products are divided into 3 groups : industry, automobile and medical.

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The company VELCRO

The story of the discovery of the brand VELCRO® began while Georges de Mestral was taking a walk.

In 1941, this Swiss engineer, returning from the countryside in the company of his dog, noticed how difficult it was to remove the alpine thistle flowers from his trousers and his dog’s fur. Surprised by the sticking power of these flowers, he removed them from his clothing with care to observe them under a microscope. That’s when he understood why they stuck with so much insistence: they were surrounded by a multitude of small hooks that played the role of resistant hooks and fixed themselves on animals’ fur and fabric. 

Born from the combination of the first syllables of the French words “Velours” (velvet) and “Crochet” (hook), since 1959 the brand VELCRO® has brought together under its name a full range of products that have simplified closure and fixing operations.

Did you know ?

Velcro is the name of the company and is a registered trademark for its products. It is not the generic name of products with closure systems for shoes, bags or hundreds of other things. For the generic name, we speak instead about self-gripping tape.