3M 8902 High temperature powder coating polyester masking scotch tape

  • 3M 8902 Scotch polyester bleu masquage peinture poudre haute température




  • Polyester backing material offers high dimensional stability
  • Strong resistance to high temperatures
  • Used for masking with powder coating

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : up to 1,200 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

What are the characteristics of 3M 8902 ?

3M 8902 tape is a single sided adhesive tape from the scotch tape range of the manufacturer 3M. It is composed of a blue, highly resistant polyester backing material and a temperature resistant (up to 205°C peak temperature) silicone adhesive.

It is mainly used in masking or protection during powder coating operations at high temperatures. These operations involve a long cooking time, as well as a high temperature, and require the use of materials that are stable in temperature : the polyester backing material and silicone adhesive fulfil these conditions perfectly.

This polyester adhesive tape resists 5-hour cooking cycles at 177°C (with peak temperatures of 200°C) and can be removed without leaving any residue from many composite materials or metals such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium, glass…

For operations that require higher temperatures, don’t hesitate to use 3M 361 glass cloth tape.

It is also used for holding parts during splicing operations.

3M 8902 polyester tape is also available in varying thicknesses : a thinner one (3M 8901) and a thicker one (3M 8905), which will allow you to adjust the thickness of the adhesive chosen for your project.

Typical properties

Colour Blue

8902 : 0.086 mm

8901 : 0.05 mm

8905 : 0.16 mm

Length 66 meters
Backing material Polyester
Type of adhesive Silicone
Temperature resistance 177°C continuously, 205°C  peak temperature
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths Up to 1,200 mm