ADEZIF PT896 Polyester adhesive tape for motor insulation

  • Ruban adhésif polyester haute température pour moteur de voiture et transformateur Adezif PT896




  • Resistant to very high temperatures with a high insulating power
  • Aggressive adherence
  • Protects surfaces, removal without residue

Presentation possibilities

  • Available widths: up to 1020 mm
  • Cut in rolls or pieces

Description of ADEZIF PT896 motor insulation tape

ADEZIF PT 896 is a single-sided adhesive tape with a polyester backing and a silicone adhesive mass.

Due to its aggressive adhesion and high temperature resistance, it is commonly used for :

  • protection of powder coatings and powder paints at high temperatures
  • insulation of car motors on transformers and various types of coil windings

Main features

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Good insulating capacity
  • Masse adhésive silicone sensible à la pression
  • Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive mass
  • Surface protection that leaves no residue

Applications of PT 896 High Temperature Adhesive Tape

  • Protection of powder coatings
  • Protection of the insulation of transformers, motors, capacitor coils
  • Packaging and wrapping
  • Glass installation
  • ...

Technical data of the surface protection PT896

Colour Translucent green
Backing material Polyester (50 μm)
Type of adhesive Silicone
Total thickness 80 μm

Log : 66 or 33 m

Jumbo : 200 m

Adhesion to steel ≥ 8 N/25 mm
Temperature resistance + 220 °C
Insulation voltage ≥ 4 kV
Holding power 48 hours
Available widths Up to 1020 mm