ADEZIF PT 300 Security tape

  • Ruban adhésif de sécurité antivol rouge - VOID PT300




  • Secure shipments and avoid theft
  • Good instant bonding
  • Good mechanical resistance

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available width : 50 mm
  • Die-cutting not possible

What are the characteristics of ADEZIF PT300 ?

ADEZIF PT 300 tape is a single sided polyester adhesive tape specially designed to secure your shipments of sensitive or confidential packages. It is used like conventional packing tape.

Unlike conventional Scotch tapes, it leaves the text “opened - fraud - void” printed indelibly in red on the box after it is removed.



With this ink residue, you can ensure your merchandise (or mail) is not tampered with and the necessary reservations to make with your transporter if the package is open.

The acrylic adhesive has very good adhesion on paper, cardboard and PE film, and the polyester backing material gives the product good mechanical resistance and a good grip on your package.

PT300 adhesive film, also called "Tamper evident" marks your letters, mail, packages and detects forced entry, theft and other fraud. There is also a pre-cut and numbered version available to avoid having your sensitive packages tampered with: GPS, audio-visual, hifi system, pharmaceutical products, luxury goods…

Video about the product

Here is a simple demonstration video about the product : 


Typical properties

Colour Red, Blue
Thickness 42 µm
Length 50 meters
Backing material Polyester or bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) (subject to availability)
Type of adhesive Acrylique
Temperature resistance NC
Conversion Rolls, Pieces
Available width 50 mm