3M 40 Anti-static polyester adhesive tape for protection of electronic components

  • Ruban adhésif simple face polyester antistatique transparent 3M 40 spécial protection électronique




  • Prevents ESD damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Designed for use in static sensitive environments
  • Temperature resistant up to 130 °C / RoHS compliant

Presentation possibilities

  • Available widths: Up to 609 mm
  • Cutting in rolls, pieces

Description 3M 40 anti-static electronic adhesive tape

ESD (electrostatic discharge) tapes are antistatic adhesive tapes used for applications or areas where electrostatic discharge causes problems, especially in manufacturing/production environments.

Once unrolled and used, they avoid these misdeeds, especially on electronic components sensitive to static electricity.

3M Tape 40 is a clear antistatic utility tape with a polyester film backing and an anti-static conductive acrylic polymer adhesive that provides reliable adhesion. Its technology allows this tape to generate a very low level of triboelectric charge (< 50 volts) when unwound or peeled from a surface, especially stainless steel. Triboelectric charge may vary depending on use and environment.

It is designed to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to sensitive electronic equipment. It can be delivered on a plastic core to avoid contamination by dirt in clean work areas.

Highlights :

  • Anti-static, conductive polymer acrylic adhesive mass
  • Firm adhesion
  • Prevents ESD damage to sensitive electronic equipment in manufacturing environments
  • Designed for use in static sensitive areas
  • Temperature resistance up to 130 °C
  • Complies with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
  • Available in printed version for more security

Advantages of 3M 40 single-sided polyester antistatic tape

A high performance tape

The 3M 40 general purpose anti-static tape can be used at static-safeguard workstations as part of the static control process. The 3M 40 generates very low levels of static charge, even in dry conditions at 10% relative humidity (RH). This tape is supplied on a cardboard core, but anti-static plastic cores are available to minimize particulate contamination in clean work areas.

An innovative technology

3M 40 Antistatic Utility Tape is a clear polyster film with an acrylic adhesive. Using proprietary technology, this tape generates extremely low levels of triboelectric charge when unwound or removed from most surfaces to which it is applied. It is ideal for use near electronic components or equipment.

A printed version for extra protection

The 3M 40 is available in a printed version on the adhesive side with the 3M logo and the ESD protection symbol. These prints remind industrial operators that the tape is permitted in statically protected areas, unlike conventional adhesive tapes.

Examples of applications for 3M40 anti-static polyester adhesive tape

3M 40 is recommended for general purpose applications in industrial manufacturing and production areas. It is designed for all applications requiring anti-static properties.

  • Office, clean room, workstation: holding work order notes, third hand, holding obstruction down general purpose...
  • Manufacturing/Production: static protection bag closures, conformal coatings/masking; holding and sealing supplies...
  • Packaging: sealing/holding of boxes, bags and containers, dip tubes...
  • Contaminant removal
  • Label stock

Technical data

Colour Black, clear, or clear black
Thickness 0.06 mm (without liner)
Length 66 m
Backing material Polyester
Adhesive mass Acrylic
Temperature resistance Up to 130 °C
Insulation resistance 5 x 10Ohm 
Conversion Cutting in rolls, pieces
Available widths 12 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm or up to 609 mm