ADEZIF PE 423 Very thick high molecular weight UHMWPE adhesive tape

  • Ruban adhésif polyéthylène transparent avec protecteur bleu ADEZIF PE 423




  • Low coefficient of friction for a "slippery" effect
  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Used for chutes and conveyors

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths: up to 610 mm
  • Cut in rolls or formats

Description of ADEZIF PE423

The Adezif PE423 adhesive tape is an efficient solution for all your problems of sliding, noise, vibration or surface protection against abrasion or wear.

This single-sided adhesive has a high density polyethylene backing (called UHMWPE : Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PE) which combines unique properties of hardness and low surface energy.

With its thickness of 305 μm, this product is exceptional and meets the requirements of abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient and noise, and vibration reduction.

Its resistance to chemical solutions, paints and inks and its inert backing allows it to be used in food industry. Its rubbr adhesive mass allows an immediate initial adhesion.


This adhesive tape is ideal:

  • for applications in an environement with impacts, slippage, scratches
  • for applications requiring a low friction coefficient
  • to reduce noise and vibrations due to the movement of parts or materials on coveyor lines

It is frequently used for:

  • Line chutes (coal, food or grain, foundry waste, abrasive waste, conveyor tables, slides)
  • Guide rails (flat or spiral) to reduce noise levels in glass bottling plants for example
  • Friction rails for material handling
  • Significantly reducin squeaking, screeching, or other noises that occur when moving parts or materials
  • Protection of surfaces or bearings that are subject to heavy wear thanks to its anti-friction properties
  • Drawer or cabinet slides
  • Coating of tanks and formwork or spray booths
  • Top of packaging table
  • Sandblasting screens
  • Film or paper forming mandrels

Product features and customer benefits

  • Significantly reduces friction to meet anti-abrasive requirements and a sliding effect between surfaces allowing wear-free contact.
  • Excepional abrasion resistance thanks to its high molecular weight. This ensures a longer material life and a considerable reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Great thickness for better control of the effects of squeaking or vibrations due to matellic or plastic materials and reduces parasitic noise.

It has the same properties against abrasion as the ADEZIF PE 421 tape but its PE backing is twice as thick (same adhesive thickness).

Its resistance to wear and abrasion is therefore more than twice as high and ADEZIF PE 423 has a low coefficient of friction up to 107°C, which increases production speed and facilitates the sliding of products. It is important to note that its rubber adhesive has a very high adhesion power.

Compared to 3M 5453 which has a PTFE backing, ADEZIF PE 423 tape is thicker and more resistant to wear and abrasion.

Its blue film liner allows to protect the adhesive and to facilitate the cutting of the roll.

Technical data

Colour White, with a blue liner
Thickness 305 μm
Length 33 m
Backing material Polyethylene PE
Adhesive type Rubber
Temperature resistance -40°C to 107°C
Adhesion on steel 6 N/cm
Coefficient of kinetic friction 0.11 to 0.25
Conversion Cut in rolls or formats
Available widths  Up to 610 mm