ADEZIF PE850 Highly adhesive surface protection film

  • film adhésif translucide pour protéger les surfaces avec une adhésivité forte




  • Temporary surface protection against dust, scratches or dirt
  • Ideal on grained plastics in the automotive industry
  • Suitable for many materials

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths: up to 1000 mm
  • Cut in rolls or shapes

Properties of the PE850 adhesive film ?

ADEZIF PE850 surface protection adhesive film differs from other ADEZIF films in that it has a strong adhesion (high tack) that is ideal for rough or textured substrates.

Translucent and made of poylethylene, it provides an ideal surface protection solution for textured or graines plastics, decorative panels, steel, wood, aluminium or rough paint-coated surfaces.

This allows manufacturers to protect elements during production and transportation, from assembly line installation to delivery for pickup at the point of sale.

Once the film is applied, it must be removed within 6 months or 2 months if exposed to the outside.

Applications of PE high tack protective film

The excellent adhesion of ADEZIF PE850 protective film enables it to meet the needs of various industrial sectors: automotive, metal, furniture...

Recommendations before use

Before any application, it is necessary to check that the surface is clean, dry and free of grease or dirt. You can consult our web page dedicated to cleaning before bonding.

On painted or varnished surfaces, it is strongly recommmended to carry out bonding and removal tests to ensure that :

  • the coating to be protected is well fixed to the initial support
  • the removal of the film does not leave any trace of adhesive (especially on synthetic materials)
  • no air bubbles, excessive tension or shearing are formed during the application.

Two other references of film, with low adhesion (PE350) and medium adhesion (PE650), are available on our website.

Technical data

Colour Translucent
Thickness 45 μm
Length 100 m
Backing material Polyethylene
Adhesive type Acrylic
Conversion Cut in rolls or shapes
Available widths Up to 1000 mm