ADEZIF PS120 Polypropylene strapping and protection tape





  • High tensile strength
  • Strong adhesion and residue-free removal
  • Ideal for strapping, reinforcement, protection (packages, bottles, bags...)

Possibilitis of presentation

  • Available widths : Up to 1270 mm
  • Cut in rolls or shapes

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Description of PS120 strapping and protection tape

PS 120 is a pre-stretched, single-sided adhesive tape consisting of a mono-oriented polypropylene (PP) film and an acrylic adhesive mass.


Due to its high tensile strength, this tape is used for strapping, holding, reinforcing and protecting elements and surfaces in industry.


It has the special feature of combining high adhesion and non-marking removal at the same time.


Applications of PS 120 PP strapping packaging tape

ADEZIF PS120 is mainly used for strapping and reinforcement (packaging, etc.) in industry.


It can also be used to protect and hold parts (plastic, glass, metal, etc.) througout the production cycle, during manufacturing, assembly or transport.


Some examples of applications :

  • Packages strapping
  • PET bottles strapping and packaging
  • Supports, doors, glass panels holding
  • Power cords holding
  • Fixing of small parts, splincing
  • Fixing on polyethylene bags, foam or cardboard

Technical data

Colour Blue
Thickness 105 μm
Length 66 m
Backing material Mono-oriented polypropylene (PP)
Type of adhesive Acrylic
Adhesion on steel 3 N/cm
Temperature resistance Up to +80°C
Conversion Cut in rolls or shapes
Available widths Up to 1270 mm


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